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Monday, January 30, 2006


HSBC online saving new high rate: APY=4.80%! wow!!!

Link: (3-month promotional rate,ends on 04-30-2006. Still not bad)
Yes,the APY currently is 4.80%.
Minimum $1 to open and $1 to earn this rate. No monthly service fee. Free online Cashedge transfer(push/pull).
For earning $25 sign up bonus and more info about HSBC online saving click here.

Friday, January 27, 2006


New Citibank Offer: get $200 bonus for opening a citibank regular checking account

Offer ads face, ads back, offer exires 03-03-06

Open a citibank regular checking account, get $100 bonus after 120 days if account is in good standing. Link the checking account to your existing citibank credit card and pay the bill by transferring funds from your new regular checking account and get another $100 after 90 days.

1. ez checking account is a kind of regular checking account. No minimum balance required if you pay two bills online each month or setup a direct deposit. More information about ez checking, click here.
2.Offer not valid to existing citibank customers, however, it doesn't matter if you already have a citibank credit card.
3.Stop by a citibank branch or call 1-866-810-9040, offer code MVR3. You can't get this offer by online application.
credit to pedro0223 on Fatwallet.com

For more citibank banking offer, click here
For more citibank credit card off,click here


Free Zircon iLine Laser Level ($39.95 value) and 3% Cashback on home improvement purchases:Chase Home Improvement Rewards

-Put your home improvement purchases to work for you by earning 3 -points for each eligible $1 spent on home improvement. That's a full 3% Cash Back!
-Plus, 1 point on all other purchases and interest.
-Redeem your points easily
-Redeem 2,500 points for either a $25 Gift Card or Gift Certificate, or a $25 check

Apply now, get a Free Zircon iLine Laser Level ($39.95 value) after your first purchase. Offer Code:5NS2

The laser level may look like the pic shown above, but I am not sure.
You can check out Zircon's website here.


Very good cashback/rewards back credit cards

1. Everyday purchase (grocery, drugstore, gas)
Chase Rewards Plus Visa
Chase Cash Plus Visa
Citi Dividend Platinum
Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards
Discover Gas Card

All of above 5% cash or equal to 5% rewards points back

2. Dining
Citi mtvU Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students (5 points per dollar spent at restaurants, bookstores, record stores, movie theaters, and video rental stores, equal to 5% back)

3. Home improvement
Chase Home Improvement rewards 3% (Put your home improvement purchases to work for you by earning 3 points for each eligible $1 spent on home improvement. That's a full 3% Cash Back! Plus, 1 point on all other purchases and interest)

4. Office Supply
Advanta business card (5% back)
Citi professional card(3% back)

5. other more than 1% cash back cards
Household Gold Master card (2% on all purchases, invitation only)
Penfed Credit Card (1.25% back)
Emigrant Direct credit card (1.25% back, but lots of restrictions)
Fidelity Investments 529 College Rewards Card (2% back)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Two Sony Visa Card Offers: $100 credit or 512MB MP3 Player,issued by Chase

Offer1: free $100 credit, expires March 31, 2006. First purchase must be made by June 30, 2006
Offer2: free Sony 512 MB MP3 Player, expires January 31st, 2006, first purchase must be made by July 31st, 2006

Simply apply a Sony Visa Card issued by Chase Bank and make a purchase before the required date to get your free bonus.

Monday, January 23, 2006


$200 bonus for opening a citibank EZ checking account before 03-31-2006

citi bank EZ checking account offer click here expires 03-31-2006, Offer Code: CD3J.
1.Fund the account with $1,500
2.Pay 2 bills online each month for the first 12 consecutive calendar months at citibankonline.com.
3. No minimum daily balance or direct deposit required if you pay 2 bills online each month.
4. Get $50 every 3 months for up to $200 in one year.
Other citibank deals on my blog click link1 or link2

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Introduction to Pentagon Federal Credit Union(penfed)

Pentagon Federal Credut Union(penfed) is one of the strongest and safest financial institutions with $8 billion in assets. Penfed offers mortgages, credit cards, automobile loans, personal loans, checking, money market savings, and other accounts(copied from www.penfed.org).

1. How to join? (Penfed official link)
If eiher you or your family members have some military background,then you are qualified to join.
Otherwise, you need to be a member of some organizations(click here for the full eligible organization list). You just need buy 1-year membership fee from an organization you prefer, because Penfed's policy is "once a member, always a member". Most 1-year membership fees cost you about $20-30 I believe.

Once you join in, you must at least keep $5.00 in your regular share saving account.

2.Why do you recommend Penfed?
Penfed is a credit union anyone can join in fact. They have very good rate on home loan and car loan.

The CD rate at Penfed is higher than most other banks and credit unions(check out my CD rate summary here).

Their Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card offers you 1.25% cashback, which is way better than EmigrantDirect's 1.25% cashback card. EmigrantDirect requires you deposit $10k to get the 1.25% cashback rate.

I am not an insurance guy, so I don't really know how great Penfed insurance is. Any comments is welcome about Penfed insurance. I will update insurance info according to your comments.

3. Some useful links about Penfed
How to join
Fee schedule
CD rate (Penfed calls CD as Money Market Certificates, they are the same thing)

4. about the inactivity fee
On fee schedule, it says "Bad Address/Inactive Accounts (per quarter)
15.00". I am not sure if this inactive accounts fee apply to Regular Share Savings Account, since I only have $5.00 in this account without any activity for one year and Penfed charges me NOTHING.


$50 bonus for opening a checking account at Union Bank of California (UBC)

Offer code:00406. Expires 04-30-2006
Get $50 bonus if you open a checking account at Union Bank of California (UBC). You need either call in 1-800-796-5656 (option 2) or stop by a local branch of UBC to get this offer. Don't forget give them offer code 00406. Check out features of different checking accounts at UBC, please click here.
This info credit to calwatch @ Fatwallet

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Get $50 for opening a smart checking at HSBC with Debit MasterCard® Card

Offer Link1, or link2 , Offer expires 02-06-2006
Open your account here and enter promotional code GET50
1.No monthly service fee if you have a direct deposit set up or have a combined balance $3000 or more.
2.You DO NOT need to open a premium money market saving account, which is part of "Smart Package" though. (if you know this is not true, please email me or leave your comment)
3. On the HSBC website, it says this offer expires December 12, 2005, but that's not true, HSBC has already extended the offer to 02-06-2006, please check out the ads carefully.


Open a 4.10% Money Market Account to get $50 Bonus at E*trade Bank

offer link
Open a 4.10% APY Money Market account at etrade bank with $100 minimum opening deposit($1000 minimum balance to avoid $10 monthly service fee though), you will get $50 bonus within 30 days. Act now, the offer expires on 01-31-2006. $10 early closeout fee if account is closed within 120 days of opening.


Do something good to animals/pets: chase will donate $75 to ASPCA if you apply a Kitty Kard Platinum Visa card

Offer Link
If you need a 0 APR rewards card and also want to do something good to pets/animals, apply this card and Chase will donate $75 to ASPCA, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Using your debit card in other banks' ATMs

Whenever you take cash out via a debit card in an ATM not owned by your bank, you might be charged twice: your bank may charge you $1-3 and at the same time,the ATM owner bank may also charge you another $1-$3. Yes,that's true,don't be surprised.

Nowadays, though more and more banks,especially internet-based online banks, will allow you to use their debit cards in other banks' ATM for free, you still need pay attention to how much the ATM owner bank charges for each transaction.

Don't be frustrated. I have a good news for you here: in United States, there are several banks not only allow you to use debit card for free anywhere, but also reimburse you the transaction fee charged by ATM owner banks, which means you can cash out anywhere for free(even outside US, I am not sure at this point if all banks holds the same policy, though I do know USAA bank reimburses your international transaction fee).

I listed several popular and reputable banks who reimburse ATM surcharge.

1. USAA: one of the best internet banks in US, IMHO. Reimburse $15.0 ATM surcharge per month( you have only 10 free free ATM withdrawals per month though). USAA bank is a bank, not a credit union, so anyone in US can join it,however, you must call in(1-800-531-2265) first to get a member# and then apply their banking products. If you or your family members don't have any military background, you can not apply their other products, such as insurance.

2. Farmbureau Bank: Up to five monthly ATM fees reimbursed, for performance checking account.

3. Umbrella Bank: Reimburse you four to six times of ATM transaction fee per statement cycle(up to $1.50 each) depending on checking account type.

4. Compass Bank:You need mail them your ATM transaction receipt to get your fee back. Not recommended here.

5.First Internet Bank of Indiana, or FirstIB, $6 reimburse each month.

6. GMAC Bank, Money Market account, reimburse ATM surcharge for up to 4 transactions per month (Total can't exceed $6 each month)

Friday, January 20, 2006


free ipod shuffle with opening a 1-year CD account or Money Market account at Netbank.com

Offer link . For more free ipod shuffle deals on my blog, click here.

This offer is available only for first-time NetBank® deposit customers. Minimum Deposit is $2500. You will get your ipod shuffle in 2 months after your account opens and you meet the $2500 balance requirement.


$50GC and 0 APR Balance Transfer Offer from AT&T(issued by citi) Universal Rewards Card Application

Offer Link

1) After 1st purchase within 3 months of account opening get 5,000 Points to redeem for your choice of $50 Gift card through ThankYou Network®
2) 5 ThankYou Points® for every dollar you spend on purchases at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations
3) 5 ThankYou Points® for every dollar you spend on eligible AT&T consumer products and/or services
4) 1 ThankYou Point® for every dollar you spend on all other purchases
5) No Balance Transfer transaction fee with this 0 APR offer

For more citibank credit card offers on my blog, click here


$50 bonus for opening a free checking account at Wesbanco Bank

Wesbanco Bank (FDIC member)now runs a promotion of $50 bonus for opening a free checking account .

I am not sure if you can open this account online or not. Anyway, if you have a local Wesbanco Bank branch, don't miss this deal. click Wesbanco local branch locator.

Features of Wesbanco Free checking account:
1.No Minimum balance required to open this account
2.No minimum balance to maintain
3.No monthly maintenance fee
4.Check safekeeping required (checks or images are not returned in statement)
5.Monthly statement


Change your coins to Amazon Gift Certificate:No fee at coinstar

Change your coins to Amazon Gift Certificate:No fee at Coinstar.

Find a Coinstar machine near you here.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Forbes Magazine 52 issues (2 years) $4.78 (less than 10c/issue)

select 2 years 52 issues. (1 year costs the same), Your total price is:
$5.31-10%off (use code onsale)=$4.78 for 52 issues.,that's less than 10c/issue.


Compass Bank: $50 Amazon Gift Certificte Offer with a new Free Checking Account

This offer is only valid for new Compass Checking account clients who live in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico or Texas.

Three Simple Steps to Get your free $50 Amazon Gift Certificate:

1. register this offer with your personal information here
2.Open a Free Checking account here
3. Claim your $50 Amazon GC here

Features of Compass Free Checking account:

1.Free ATMs worldwide – including rebates of other bank’s ATM fees. Detail information about ATM rebate click here. Basically, you need mail them ATM receipts showing the surcharges you’ve paid. Not that easy compared with USAA bank,IMHO.
2.Free online banking & bill pay
3.Free Checks for the life of the account
4.Free VISA® Check Card
5.No minimum balance, No monthly maintenance fee
6.Unlimited check writing
7.And only $25 to open,however, to qualify this offer, you need deposit at least $50.


Two free ipod shuffles with applying either new EZ Checking Account or new citibank professional card

Professional Card Offer Click here.
must spend $500 in purchases in first 3 months
More citi bank credit card offers at my blog here.

citi bank EZ checking account offer click here expires 03-31-2006
1.Fund the account with $1,500
2.Pay 2 bills online each month for the first 12 consecutive calendar months at citibankonline.com.
3. No minimum daily balance or direct deposit required if you pay 2 bills online each month.


Earn 4.75% APY on New Deposits!The ING DIRECT Winter Save Up Sale

The ING DIRECT Winter Save Up Sale earns you 4.75% APY on new deposits to your Orange Savings Account. No minimum balance required to receive the 4.75% sale APY.

Deposits eligible for the Winter Save Up SaleOnly New Funds are eligible for the 4.75% APY. New Funds must:
Be from an external source
Be deposited into an Orange Savings Account
Be deposited any time between January 19, 2006 to April 15, 2006 – the Sale Period

To determine what portion of your Orange Savings Account balance will earn the 4.75% APY, during the Sale Period we add up all of your new deposits from an external source and then subtract all withdrawals from the account (whether internal or external) from that total. If that amount is greater than zero, it is eligible for the 4.75% APY. If an account is closed during the Sale Period, the 4.75% may not be earned for the entire period that the new funds were on deposit.

More information can be found here.

$50 bonus available for New customers if you own a Taxcut or Money Deluxe software

or, you can get $25 referal bonus if you email me with your Full Name and email address at: tomoneystuff@yahoo.com

More other reputable High Yield Saving/Money Market accounts at my blog here.


Free TurboTax Online Filing supported by Intuit

If you answer "yes" to any one of the following questions, you are eligible for this FREE federal tax preparation and e-file

Q1. Qualify for the federal Earned Income Credit (EIC)?
Q2. Earn $28,500 AGI or less?
Q3. Serve as Active Duty Military and earn less than $50,000 AGI?

Click here if you qualify.


current citi credit card offers

1. Citi Diamond Rewards Master Card
$100GC after your first purchase within 3 months after you get your card, plus 12 month 0 APR Balance Transfer without transaction fee.
clike here and enter code F2A8. This offer expires 03-15-06

2. Citi Simplicity Rewards Card

$100GC after your first purchase within 3 months after you get your card, plus 12 month 0 APR Balance Transfer without transaction fee.
clike here to apply. This offer expires unknown.

3. Citi PremierPass Elite
15,000 bonus points(equal $150 GC) after your first purchase is made within 60 daysof account opening

4. Citi PremierPass
5,000 bonus points after your first purchase is made within 60 days of account opening

5. Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards American Express Card

By 01-19-2006, you must call in to get this offer. Citi Phone# 888-248-4227.
10,000 bonus ThankYou Points (equal $100GC) after your first purchase within 3 months of account opening, redeemable for a $100 gift card. oApr Balance Transfer

Go to https://www.thankyounetwork.com/ to review or redeem your bonus points.

6. free ipod shuffle with new citibank professional card
Offer link.
must spend $500 in purchases in first 3 months.

7. $50GC and 0 APR Balance Transfer Offer from AT&T(issued by citi) Universal Rewards Card Application
Offer link
Make 1st purchase within 3 months of account opening get 5,000 Points to redeem for your choice of $50 Gift card at https://www.thankyounetwork.com/
More information on my blog about this offer please click here


Two $50 bonus for opening a Bank of America (BoA) Checking account

There are two different offers right now at Bank of America.
Link1 Open a MyAccess Checking account. Offer expires: unknown

MyAccess Checking Account:

1. Open an account with just $25
2. No minimum balance required
3. No monthly service fee if a Direct Deposit is set up. (In fact, you can always "mimic" direct deposit by PayPal transfer, ING direct saving transfer or even other ACH online transfer for BoA checking accounts.)
4. Free Online Banking service with free Bill Pay
5. Free ACH pull (push is not free though)

Another $50 offer for opening any checking account at BoA,except CampusEdge Checking Link2 . This offer expires on 04-15-2006.


VOIP-2: Pay as you go VOIP providers (No monthly fee)

There are some VOIP providers who don't charge you a monthly fee,but, instead of a monthly fee, you pay them according to the minutes you actually use and their rates.

This service is kind of like prepaid cellphones, but most (if not all) pay-as-you-go VOIP providers don't charge you for incoming calls and also, in-network talks are always free(suppose you and your friend are using the same pay-as-you-go VOIP phone services and then you guys can talk for free,no matter how far away you are)

1. stanaphone:
the US rate is 1.6c/min.

After sign up, you get two #: one is called stanaphone ID# or something like that. It is not a real phone#, you can only use this # to make calls with other stanaphone members(in-network calling), and these calls are free.

The other# is a real US phone# around New York area I believe. You will not be charged as I said before if you receive calls via this phone#.

Anyway, if you want to dial out thru stanaphone, you need charge your account first. More information about stanaphone please click here.

As far as I know, stanaphone doesn't support FAX feature and 911 service. (drop me a line if I am wrong.)

2. freedigits

Similar to stanaphone, but you only get a real phone# after sign up. Free incoming calls, free in-network calls, outgoing calls within US and Canada 3c/min.

Freedigits supports FAX.

if you sign up now, freedigits give you free 60 min of long distance credit.


VOIP-1: SunRocket and Viatalk

SunRocket and Viatalk are two good and reliable VOIP providers with a relatively low monthly rate, compared with Vonage and Packet8.

1. SunRocket current rate and promotions:

a) unlimited calling, U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, $199/year no tax, no other fees, plus you get a free Adatper called Gizmo and a free Uniden two handset cordless phone system. You can get a full refund of $199 if you are not satisfied with its service and the most beautifuly thing is that you keep the Unidern cordless phone for free even if you cancel your service. You only need return the Adapter-Gizmo to SunRocket.
You may click here to sign up!

b) If you don't like the Uniden Phone system, you can call in to sign up the $199/year plan and request a free $100 international calling credit. I did it several days ago and it is very possible that CSR will agree to give you this offer.

1. the $100 internaltional calling credit is divided by 12 months, which means you get $8.34 international calling credit each month.
2. You must call in to request this $100 offer.
3. Different offers/promotions can not be combined.

2. Viatalk current rate and promotions:

2 Free Months On All Plans, Free Activation With Any 12 or 24 Month Plans, No Equipment Fees.

Availabe rate is $19.95/month for 12-month contract and $15.95 for 24-month contract. More rate information please click here.

After sign up, You get an unlocked Linksys PAP2 phone adapter for free. You can configure this PAP2 adapter's second line and make it work with other VOIP providers. PAP2's price is about $50-60 at retail stores such as staples, circuitcity, officemax, officedepot, bestbuy.

For more VOIP discussions, please check out the voip forum at http://www.dslreports.com/forum/voip


High Yield Saving / Money Market Account

APY as 01-19-2006, All accounts listed below are FDIC insured.
1. Umbrella Bank, Pot o' Gold Money Market, APY=4.40%, $1k minimum daily balance. More detailed information at my blog here.
2. Corus Bank, Managed Money Market Account, APY=4.23% for balance between $0.01-$99,999.99, or APY=4.39% for balance over $100k
3. Western Financial Bank, Online Money Market Plus, APY=4.25%. $1 minimum balance only.
4. GMAC Bank, Money Market, APY=4.30%, $500 minimum daily balance, free online ACH pull / push feature, it's fast.
5. HSBC Bank, online saving account, APY=4.80%, No minimum balance requirement, free online cashedge pull/ push, usually it will take 3-4 days to complete a transaction. Slower than GMAC bank.

$25 Bonus avaialbe: click here and enter promotion code 25pig

6. Presidential Bank, Premier Saving, APY=4.12%, Minimum balance is $5k and you earn this high APY for a balance up to $35k.
7. Emigrant Direct, AmericanDream Saving, APY=4.25%(increased from 4.00% on 01-26-2006), No minimum balance requirement. free online ACH pull / push feature, kind of fast. You can add up to TWO external accounts.
8. CapitalOne, High Yield Saving account, APY=4.00%, No minimum balance requirement. free online ACH pull / push feature.
9. INGDirect, Orange Saving account, APY=3.80%, or current promotional APY=4.75% between 01-19-2006 to 04-15-2006.No minimum balance requirement. free online ACH pull / push feature. You can add up to three external checking accounts.


Free After Rebate TaxCut Deluxe Software at Staples.com

1. Go to staples.com
2. Add Item# 620528, H & R Block TaxCut Deluxe (Federal tax filling, no state tax function), to your cart.
3. Enter coupon code 36723 during checking out to get $5.00 off your purchase.
4. Go to stapleseasyrebate.com, Fill out rebate form online. Remeber: this is a Staples Easy Rebate Promotion, you don't need mail out anything. Fill out form and just wait.
5. The coupon expires on 01-21-2006 and the rebate expires on 01-28-06


CD rates as of 01-19-2005

All CDs listed below are FDIC or NCUA insured.
6-Month CD:
1.Corus Bank: 4.70% APY, Min Balance: $10k
2.Umbrella Bank: 4.65% APY, Min Balance: $1k
3.GMAC Bank: 4.65%APY, Min Balance: $500

1-Year CD:
1.Corus Bank: 4.89% APY, Min Balance: $10k
2.Umbrella Bank: 4.85% APY, Min Balance: $1k
3.GMAC Bank: 4.85%APY, Min Balance: $500
4. Advanta Bank: 4.85%APY, Min Balance: $10k or $2.5k for existing customers

2-Year CD:
1.Penfed: 4.75% APY, Min Balance: $1k
2.Umbrella Bank: 4.85% APY, Min Balance: $1k
3.GMAC Bank: 4.85%APY, Min Balance: $500
4. Advanta Bank: 4.80%APY, Min Balance: $10k or $2.5k for existing customers
5. Bank of Internet: 4.91% APY, Min Balance: $1k

3-Year CD:
1.Penfed: 5.50% APY, Min Balance: $1k
2.Umbrella Bank: 4.80% APY, Min Balance: $1k
3.GMAC Bank: 4.90%APY, Min Balance: $500
4. Advanta Bank: 4.80%APY, Min Balance: $10k or $2.5k for existing customers
5. Bank of Internet: 4.91% APY, Min Balance: $1k

5-Year CD:
1.Penfed: 5.75% APY, Min Balance: $1k
2.Umbrella Bank: 4.90% APY, Min Balance: $1k
3.GMAC Bank: 5.00%APY, Min Balance: $500
4. Advanta Bank: 4.85%APY, Min Balance: $10k or $2.5k for existing customers
5. Bank of Internet: 5.02% APY, Min Balance: $1k

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Virtually Free Checking Account($20 bonus) and Pot o' Gold Money Market(APY=4.40%) at Umbrella Bank

Umbrella Bank, a division of New South Federal Savings Bank, now is (as 01-19-2006) offering a high APY Money Market Account-Pot o' Gold Money Market (APY=4.40% for Balance >=$1000.00). As far as I know, this is the highest APY saving/money market account in the country now with only a $1000 daily balance requirement. Other banks, such as Hillcrest Bank, and Superior Savings of New England, though offer a higher APY(slightly above 4.50%), they do require an extremely high balance of $25k or more.

The opening process of an Umbrellan Bank account is pretty smooth and easy. Finally, don't forget to print and mail out your signature card with your initial deposit check (make it payable to UmbrellaBank.com)

Some important highlights(for more detailed terms, click here):

1. An minimum daily balance of $1000.00 is required to avoid monthly service fee.

2.This Money Market Account provides you an ATM card and checks (first order, free).

3. Limited to six Non-ATM Transactions per statement cycle, with no more than three by check, draft, or similar order to a third party.

4. This account can NOT initiate online ACH transfer, therefore, you had better own some other accounts, such as USAA checking, HSBC online saving, Farmbureau Bank checking.

Or, you can open a Virtually Free Checking account, without minimum balance requirement and monthly fee. then link this checking account with your Money Market account. This will give you more freedom and choices.

Right now, Umbrella Bank runs a promotion of $20 bonus for trying its online billpay function if you open a checking account. Basically, you get $2.00 for each online billpay you make up to 5 billpays per month, which means you can "PLAY" this game for two months.More information here.


1. Umbrella Bank does charge an inactivity fee of $5.00 per month if your account doesn't have any activity in a 6 month period. Open this link and click "Fee Schedule Disclosure ", you will find it.

2. Don't fund your new account with wire transfer method unless you can do it free.


Free $3.00 for joining Upromise

Use code "DC31" when joining Upromise to get free $3.00 in your Upromise account. Click Here To Join!

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