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Friday, January 27, 2006


New Citibank Offer: get $200 bonus for opening a citibank regular checking account

Offer ads face, ads back, offer exires 03-03-06

Open a citibank regular checking account, get $100 bonus after 120 days if account is in good standing. Link the checking account to your existing citibank credit card and pay the bill by transferring funds from your new regular checking account and get another $100 after 90 days.

1. ez checking account is a kind of regular checking account. No minimum balance required if you pay two bills online each month or setup a direct deposit. More information about ez checking, click here.
2.Offer not valid to existing citibank customers, however, it doesn't matter if you already have a citibank credit card.
3.Stop by a citibank branch or call 1-866-810-9040, offer code MVR3. You can't get this offer by online application.
credit to pedro0223 on Fatwallet.com

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how is this offer different than the online offer other than it requires a different code for bonus?
Any minimum amount to fund the account required?
The minimum opening account deposit is $1500. You can withdraw most of it,say $1400 or more after your account is opened. Just keep 2 online billpays each month to avoid monthly fee.
IMHO,this offer is better than the previous online offer. The previous one requires you keep your account for 12 months and you get $50 every 3 months. For this offer, you can get your $200 bonus after 6 months or even faster according to the term.
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