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Thursday, January 19, 2006


VOIP-2: Pay as you go VOIP providers (No monthly fee)

There are some VOIP providers who don't charge you a monthly fee,but, instead of a monthly fee, you pay them according to the minutes you actually use and their rates.

This service is kind of like prepaid cellphones, but most (if not all) pay-as-you-go VOIP providers don't charge you for incoming calls and also, in-network talks are always free(suppose you and your friend are using the same pay-as-you-go VOIP phone services and then you guys can talk for free,no matter how far away you are)

1. stanaphone:
the US rate is 1.6c/min.

After sign up, you get two #: one is called stanaphone ID# or something like that. It is not a real phone#, you can only use this # to make calls with other stanaphone members(in-network calling), and these calls are free.

The other# is a real US phone# around New York area I believe. You will not be charged as I said before if you receive calls via this phone#.

Anyway, if you want to dial out thru stanaphone, you need charge your account first. More information about stanaphone please click here.

As far as I know, stanaphone doesn't support FAX feature and 911 service. (drop me a line if I am wrong.)

2. freedigits

Similar to stanaphone, but you only get a real phone# after sign up. Free incoming calls, free in-network calls, outgoing calls within US and Canada 3c/min.

Freedigits supports FAX.

if you sign up now, freedigits give you free 60 min of long distance credit.

My VOIP drives me crazy. When the modem is down, I don't have a phone. It can be very frustrating. The price is too good for me to cancel. I pay $29.95 fo unlimited international calls to 30 countries.
which VOIP service are you currently using? I know www.broadvoice.com offers unlimited international calls for $24.95/month. BTW, I think you had better have a cellphone(even prepaid one) for back up if you use VOIP.
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